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ReBuilder Model Comparisons

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ReBuilder® Models 300/2407. What is the model for you?

ReBuilder 300 ReBuilder 2407
ReBuilder® Model 300 ReBuilder® Model 2407
Features Model 300 Model 2407
For Pain Relief X X
To Increase Circulation in Extremities X X
To Strengthen Weakened Muscles X X
9V Battery Powered X X
7.83 Hz Setting (Treats Nerves & Muscles) X X
Separate TENS Setting (Pain Only)   X
Separate EMS Setting (Muscle Strength & Increased Blood Flow)   X
2 Channel (Treat 2 Areas at Once - Feet & Hands)   X
Large Dials (Easier with Arthritic Fingers)   X
Small Enough to Fit In a Pocket X