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The Zapper

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The Zapper is a therapy device. It does not search for things in the body like the Syncrometer; instead it gets rid of them.

VariZapper 2.0
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The VariZapper 2.0 "electrocutes" small pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus and other toxins. It does not need to have a specific frequency to do this, as it is, contrary to a frequency generator, frequency-independent. It does however need to be:

The VariZapper 2.0 also has another function, It reactivates our white blood cells so that they can go on an "invader hunt" on their own and kill them.

Many people when they start to get to know the Clark protocol are confused when it comes to devices and some worry that they will not be able to use them.

The VariZapper 2.0 is very easy to use.

Professional zappers have an incorporated timer that shut off automatically when the zapper session is done. They may contain various pre-programmed zapper programs, shut off automatically when the recommended voltage is not reached and other options.

You will then attach the zapper through its electrodes to either wetted wristbands that you can put around your wrists, around your ankles or around your feet or as Dr. Clark had her patients zap, with handles put under their feet. Carbon handles are very effective for this. They are highly ecological, very conducive and therefore you do not need to put a wet kitchen paper towel around it and they do not cause any irritation of the skin, whereas this might happen to some people by using the wristbands. You can also construct your own zapper. Dr. Clark gave instructions on how to do this in her books. It is however very important that you have it checked with an oscilloscope to assure that it stays in the positive offset at all times, for should it sink into the negative for a split of a second, it will be sustaining the life of the pathogens.

The Zapper is part of Dr. Clark's protocol, it should be used together with the cleanses and cleanups.


Regular and Frequency Zapping

It is now possible to use the VariZapper 2.0 as a pre-programmed frequency generator. But what is the difference between regular zapping and frequency zapping.

What is zapping?

Dr. Clark describes it very well in her books. She says: Zapping is a way of killing bacteria and parasites electrically. I find it kills parasites and bacteria wherever the electricity reaches. But some locations that are not reachable are tooth crevices, the intestinal tract, gallstones, and the inside of tumors. The current is not uniform through the body. In fact, a large fraction may travel along the arteries, veins, lymph vessels, nerves and inflamed regions. Persons with an inflammation in the body can often "feel" the zapper at that location.

In spite of these limitations, the benefits can often be felt with each use! In additional, the benefits accumulate with each use, whether felt or not.

How long should a person zap?

The zapping session is very individual according to each person's health condition.

Zapping once a day is now a common routine for many.

What is regular zapping?

A first seven-minute zapping session is followed by a 20 to 30 minutes intermission. During this time, bacteria and viruses are released from the dying parasites and start to invade you. Each parasite has its own bacterial and viral escapees. A second seven-minute zapping session is intended to kill these newly released viruses and bacteria. Again viruses are released, this time from the dying bacteria.

The third session kills the last viruses released. A fourth and fifth session may be very beneficial too.

This type of zapping is most effective for the blood and lymph, two salty (conductive) fluids and is the most important locations to zap because this is the river-system that all pathogens use to spread themselves. Whenever adult parasites are killed, in any way, they release their eggs, which immediately enter the blood and lymph system.

What is a frequency?

Every living animal and every cell type produces its own frequencies and responds to these frequencies as well. We may speak of frequencies but we really mean waves, waves of energy. All waves have a frequency associated with them. Also dead things have a frequency. Luckily the frequencies of a parasite, of a bacterium or a virus do not overlap the frequencies of a human. In fact, they are far away.

What is frequency zapping?

This type of zapping is frequency "DEPENDENT", i.e. the same frequency of the pathogen is emitted. It is a targeted way of zapping.

To frequency zap a frequency generator or pre-programmed Program Driver Cards inserted into the zapper may be used.

The main differences between regular zapping and frequency zapping

Regular zapping:
- Is frequency "INDEPENDENT". Any positively offset frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts), duration (seven minutes) and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz).
- Zaps mainly through the liquids and channels of our body, blood and lymph system.
- Some internal regions are unreachable.

Frequency zapping:
- Is frequency "DEPENDENT". Is a targeted way of zapping.
- Can enter the internal regions.

What are the benefits from alternating regular zapping and frequency zapping?

The benefits derive peculiarly from their differences.

Regular zapping cleanses our body river system, mainly blood and lymph system. This reactivates our WBCs so that they can continue their work of phagocytizing. This benefits our immune system.
Frequency zapping runs instead on a homeopathic principle by matching and emitting the same frequencies of the pathogen and thereby annulling it. It is a targeted way of zapping and therefore reaches internal regions more readily.

Regular and frequency zapping complement each other.