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VariGamma 2.0 (Frequency Generator)

VariGamma 2.0 (Frequency Generator)


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The Dr. Clark VariGamma is a combination of the Hulda Clark Zapper and The Rife Frequency Generator. The VariGamma can do everything needed for the frequency work according to Dr. Hulda Clark. It is loaded with all of the right features.

VariGamma Generator Kit Includes:

  • Two pair gel electrodes
  • One pair of wrist band electrodes with cable
  • Rechargable battery
  • Operating instructions
  • Sturdy, padded plastic carrying case

Note: listing of frequency tables is not included.

The VariGamma 2.0 includes the zapper program with timed 7 min stimulation and 20 min rest periods. It also functions as a programmable contact electrode Rife Generator with individual frequency inputs from 1Hz up to 1 million Hz plus harmonics Sequence up to 16 individual frequencies together and save the program on an external program driver. Select a Sine wave or positive –offset Square- wave output adjustable at 1Hz increments. The advanced Wobble feature scans frequency around the target frequency. This feature is very useful as pathogens can mutate and change their frequency. The unit comes with a pair of convenient wrist band electrodes for zapping.

VariGamma 2.0 New Features:

VariGamma Generator is not pre-programmed with a table of Clark frequencies. It is programmed for the standard VariZapper program.

  • Last generation electrical materials that allow the Zapping to be more precise.
  • It has a battery that can be recharged when connected to an electrical outlet, thus there is no need for disposable batteries.
  • This new battery has more time of use for each load.
  • The VariGamma 2.0 has a battery analysis prior to the use of the device, this attribute is incorporated in order to rule out the possibility that the battery runs out before completing the Zapping
  • It has a larger with better resolution screen.
  • The new Program Drivers can be stored in the device library to be used at any time the user requires them.
  • The navigation within the program of the device is easily done with the rotating wheel.

VariGamma or VariZapper

The frequency generator and the zapper work on two distinctly different principles. The zapper uses positive offset square wave, that gives a magnetic field, which is frequency-INDEPENDENT. That means it does not matter which frequency you take it will always work.

When using specific frequencies,i.e. frequency-DEPENDENT, homeopathic principles are being used, matching the pathogen's own frequency. We could compare regular zapping to a machine-gun, whereas frequency zapping to a sniper, therefore a targeted way of zapping.

Frequency zapping kills a range of parasites clustered around the frequency chosen and at more locations, even though frequency zapping alone does not remove PCBs and restore immunity.

Regular zapping passes mainly through our vascular and lymphatic system, reactivating the white blood cells and therefore restoring immunity.

Therefore it is effective to combine the two.

How to use a Frequency Generator?

Zap each desired frequency for seven minutes. The time was chosen because it always killed tapeworms, a very challenging task. Bacteria and viruses probably need much less time.

Do not zap if you wear a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.

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