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Royal Flora Capsules 450mg

Royal Flora Capsules 450mg
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Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms for those who consume them. This microorgansims can be found in different fermented foods with active cultures such as yogurt and other supplements. Some of these supplements have good organisms that are found in soil instead of those found on diary.

Probiotics are very important for a correct intestinal and digestive function because they balance the microflora found in this system.

In the past, people used to eat vegetables and fruits that came with dirt and soil and it remained a little even if they washed them with water. Now, vegetables are sold at the supermarket totally clean. This prevents us from taking in good soil bacteria as well; the beneficial bacteria that helps us to regulate the immune system and protect us from the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and fungi.

When you reintroduce soil organisms to your intestines, you increase the diversity of good bacteria in your gut, improving digestion, boosting the immune system and stimulating the production of white blood cells and antibodies.

But, why probiotics found in the soil are better than the ones found in dairy?

Bacteria found in lactic acid have a hard time surviving hostile and acidic environment in the stomach, so the number that reach the intestine is greatly reduced. This is the reason why many physicians recommend probiotics with high count of colony forming units with the purpose of having enough bacteria once they reach the gut.

On the other hand, bacteria found in the soil form endo spores, which are naturally stronger and abler to reach the intestines by surviving the rough environment of the stomach. What we all need, is a good amount of bacteria in our intestines so we can have greater benefits, that’s why we need stronger probiotics in order to have more forming units.

If we have probiotics that colonize the intestine more effectively, we can reduce the doses to “maintenance" levels earlier, without worrying about the diminishment and disappearance of health benefits. In other words, probiotics found on soil have better value than the ones found on dairy.

Nowadays, there are many probiotics on the market but most of them are based on diary. Royal Flora is different because it has a non-mutated primary inactive culture in the capsule which will remain dormant until it is activated by body fluids. It is not lyophilized or fermented so it has a long shelf time and does not requires refrigeration.

Royal Flora is more stable than other probiotics, therefore has a better and more stable colonization. It has no dairy, salt, artificial colors, flavors, sugar, preservatives, fillers or artificial additives.

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Important features of Royal Flora: